e-commerce platform for professional skincare cosmetics
EstSet helps Suppliers to promote their skincare cosmetics via Cosmeticians directly to Consumers.
EstSet combines the advantages of a marketplace, online shop and social media and brings together professional skincare Suppliers, Cosmeticians and their Consumers based on Win-Win-Win principle and with personal touch.
Our skincare cosmetics suppliers
Dr. Anna Lukic-Davydova is
an aesthetic physician in Lindau, Germany
How it works
Anna picks up the products from catalog
and creates her beauty box
Subscriber of Anna clicks the link and gets the beauty box by Dr. Lukic-Davydova delivered
by EstSet
Anna adds comments and manuals
to her unique beauty box
Anna shares the link of her beauty box to her subscribers via social media
Our solution
Efficient and scalable sales channel with direct access to industry experts (cosmeticians) and consumers
For professional skincare cosmetics Suppliers
Attractive additional income without investments
For cosmeticians, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medical beauticians
Customized professional skincare cosmetics recommended from trusted opinion leaders at competitive price in one click
For Consumers of Cosmeticians
Benefits For Cosmeticians
Additional income without investments. No physical stocks needed. Only your expertise and time to create your unique beauty boxes. You get your commission fee all the time once your beauty box is bought by your subscribers
Extensive support from suppliers (free samples, free trainings and access to events and articles) combined with unlimited flexibility - you can find new suppliers and switch to them without any limitations. EstSet works only with direct producers!
No troubles with logistics of purchased beauty boxes (payment, packaging, delivery, returns, etc.). EstSet manages everything for you
Expansion of your subscribers' outreach. If you speak many languages (English, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.) we will connect you to your consumers in many countries
Perfect for remote work. Disregarding COVID restrictions, maternal leave or your vacation on the beach you stay in touch with your community and keep getting income
Benefits For Suppliers
Efficient marketing & sales channel with personal touch to Cosmeticians and Consumers
Boost of sales and multiplication of Consumers' outreach with control over retail prices
Direct access to existing and new
Expansion of sales territory without massive investments
Suitable for remote work and under COVID restrictions
About us
is to bring together at one platform different stakeholders for skincare professional cosmetics (suppliers, cosmeticians and their consumers) and to provide them with high-tech cost-efficient tool for promotion and purchase of consulting-intensive high-quality skincare cosmetics

EstSet was founded in Cologne, Germany by professionals having extensive experience and expertise in skincare treatment, business development, e-commerce and software development

Join us and test our first version!
Our mission
Roman and Irina Panin. Founders.
Contact us
Filzengraben 24, 50676, Cologne, Germany
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